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Central Scanning to demo Artec Leo and Artec Studio 12 during open day

| Wildmoor Mill, Mill Lane, Wildmoor, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire B61 0BX (Bromsgrove, UK)

Meet Artec UK Gold Partner Central Scanning at their office open day, where they will unveil Artec’s newest 3D scanning hardware and software.

Attendees will get to see Artec Leo, our brand new powerful 3D scanner that does not need to be connected to a tablet, laptop, mains power source or battery pack. Equipped with a touchscreen, this wireless device has everything you need to capture objects, both small and large, with utter ease and precision.

Point the scanner to an object or scene and start to capture it in 3D. Leo will show you the scan being built right in front of your eyes. Unhampered by any wires, you can walk freely around the object. The 3D data is processed onboard and in real time, thanks to the NVIDIA® Jetson™ platform. After scanning it can be transferred via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or an SD card to a computer to be edited further in Artec Studio 12, the latest version of our comprehensive software, due for release in April.

With each new build, we’re getting the software ever more geared to the needs of our clients. Some of the key enhancements in the newest version of Artec Studio include cutting down the time to remove the base your object was scanned on, which once was one of the most tedious post-processing operations. You can now automatically delete not only the floor or table but also walls or anything else behind the object – all in an instant!

Another major breakthrough that reduces the post-processing time dramatically is expedited global registration of scans. A quite resource-intensive operation in earlier versions of Artec Studio, this algorithm converts all one-frame surfaces to a single coordinate system much faster now.

Many of our clients are quite apt at adjusting settings, such as sensitivity, depending on the lighting and the texture of the object. But finding the optimal settings requires some skill and experience, so we have made things much easier for novices. If you use Artec Studio 12 with the Eva 3D scanner, the software will analyze the conditions of each particular scanning session and choose the best sensitivity settings to ensure the texture of the 3D model comes out properly.

More time saving features include optimized RAM management, convenient hot keys for frequently used functions, such as Fit to view, Home and Export meshes, and much more. We have also improved the 3D visualization of large models when rotated and moved and added new 3D background colors and gradients for better perception of models.

A totally new feature we’re excited to release in this build is compatibility with the 3Dconnexion 3D mouse for more convenient navigation in the software’s interface. This tool is especially handy for professionals using CAD software.

Just like the previous version, Artec Studio 12 ensures direct export of 3D models to SOLIDWORKS in case you have Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS or DezignWorks plugins installed on your computer.

All these features and enhancements will be showcased during the open day and anyone will be able to try out scanning with Artec’s new products.

Along with Leo, Central Scanning will show the capabilities of Artec Eva and Space Spider 3D scanners, known for their metrological precision and used in a countless number of industries, including mechanical engineering, aerospace, healthcare, VR, CGI and more.

Where: Central Scanning offices (Unit 9, Wildmoor Mill, Mill Lane, Wildmoor, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire B61 0BX)

When: March 27

Drop in anytime from 12 pm to 4 pm. The open day is free to attend.