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Artec at Rock Stars of 3D Printing



Artec is hitting the sunny city of San Jose, CA, for Rock Stars of 3D Printing, a one-day event where experts, early adopters and market leaders driving the 3D revolution will be sharing their vision of the future of the industry. Get hands-on experience scanning with Eva and Spider to see how easy-to-use, fast and precise they are.


Eva and Spider are used across a wide variety of industries, for example, to design tailor-made prostheses, ensure quality control in manufacturing, create 3D replicas of cultural objects for heritage preservation, develop digital doubles of movie stars for special effects in action scenes – their application possibilities in design, engineering and production are almost limitless. In 2014, Eva was even chosen to scan U.S. President Barack Obama for the first ever 3D portrait of a head of state.


The Rock Stars of 3D Printing conference will take a look at many of these industries, focusing in particular on visualization, counterfeiting and security risks and applications of additive manufacturing in the biomedical and healthcare industries. The high-level discussions will shine a light on what’s next in today’s most important technologies.


Where: Fourth Street Summit Center, San Jose, California

When: March 17.