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AM Expo: Unlocking 3D manufacturing possibilities with Artec 3D scanners

| Messe Luzern (Luzern, Switzerland)

What: AMX Additive Manufacturing Expo
Where: Messe Luzern, Booth A1011
When: Sept. 14-15, 2021

Boldly billed as the most important meeting place for 3D manufacturing, the AM Expo in Luzern, Switzerland is certainly doing its best to stake a claim to that description. This September, over 80 exhibitors line up to show you what can, and is, being done with additive manufacturing, and how the technology is helping companies achieve their goals. An info-packed fair will over two days explore rapid prototyping and tooling, design and simulation, resource efficiency, new technologies, and a list of other topics.

With teams across entire value chains using Artec’s 3D scanners to level up their processes, 3D-Model AG, one of our trusted partners in Switzerland, will be exhibiting a range of these extremely capable devices at this year’s AMX.

Artec Eva, Leo, Space Spider, as well as Artec Micro, will all feature at the expo. This is a line-up of smart, fast and versatile devices that do not require targets, can scan in various conditions, and handle typically difficult surfaces with consummate ease. The range of scanners that will be on show have been used to scan everything from a 1 cm-long screw to a fountain’s 7-meter basin, all in astounding detail.

Micro, our fully automated desktop 3D scanner, delivers ultra-high resolution scans with just one click. The scanner is perfect for tiny objects like dentistry, jewelry, and small machine parts. Artec Micro scans with a point accuracy of up to 10 microns, or one hundredth of a millimeter. For comparison, the visibility threshold of the human eye is estimated at around 40 microns.

Space Spider is a favorite among CAD users and engineers. It’s a robust device that ​​is ideal for objects such as molding parts, PCBs, keys – small objects or the intricate details of large industrial ones. It produces high-resolution data with pinpoint accuracy and brilliant color. Space Spider was originally developed for the International Space Station and is not affected by fluctuations in environmental conditions.

Eva is a structured-light 3D scanner that is designed to help you perform quick, textured, and accurate 3D scans of medium-sized objects. It’s been used for objects such as ornate wooden doors, motorcycle wheels, and human busts among others. It scans quickly, capturing details precisely in high resolution. Eva is light, fast, and versatile – an excellent all-rounder that works well for objects of almost any kind, including those with black and shiny surfaces.

Leo is an award-winning 3D scanner that is one of the fastest and most efficient on the market. It has an 80 frames per second 3D reconstruction rate and an AI-powered HD mode which provides even sharper, cleaner, and more detailed scans. For a completely mobile scanning experience, the wireless Leo comes with onboard automatic processing, a touchscreen that builds a real time replica as you scan, and an inbuilt battery.

Proudly proclaimed to be the only trade fair in Switzerland that deals exclusively with additive manufacturing, this year’s AM Expo is the perfect place to stay abreast of the latest in the 3D printing world. It is just the place to be if you want to stay acquainted with existing solutions and hear from experts on current innovations and trends.

So visit stand A1011 in Hall 1 to learn more about how Artec’s powerful 3D scanners are deployed in various spheres, and chat with our partners about how you too can leverage them to get results in your particular field.

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