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Did you know that Artec Studio 15 now has a magic button for Eva and Leo users? All it takes is one little click, and it injects a superpower into your 3D scanner. Even if you’re scanning with a device you bought ages ago, from now on, your scans will look crisp, burnished, and beach-ready like never before.

All these attributes take a numerical shape on the specs sheets, where they’re quantified in tenths of millimeters. To give you the salient facts, by employing AI/neural networks in software development, Artec 3D has improved the resolution of its Eva and Leo handheld scanners by 0.3 mm, increased the depth of capture, and minimized noise levels, meaning that even the most challenging surfaces such as small apertures, thin tubes, or interior angles of mechanical parts can be reconstructed in high definition – at no extra cost and without any extra steps if you’re using either scanner together with Artec Studio 15 and its red-hot button.

Where can I find that whizzy thing? When should I use it? Why are you so big on Artec? Steve Cory, President of Artec 3D’s Gold Certified Partner Objex Unlimited, which operates throughout the Canadian market, has his ducks in a row to take all these questions and more during a free webinar he’ll be hosting on Tuesday, October 27.

Steve has been testing out Artec 3D’s brand-new HD reconstruction mode since mid-September, before the latest software build was officially released. During the webinar, he'll be sharing actual examples of what “the best” means in practice, what kinds of objects can now be effectively captured using Eva and Leo, with all the sharp details, fine edges, and complex surfaces faithfully recreated in the final 3D model, and of course, he’ll also share with you how you can leverage this new superpower to the benefit of your business, whether it’s industrial design, mechanical engineering, quality assurance, video game production, public health, heritage preservation, or something else.

Mark the date and register here in advance for the Artec 3D’s AI-powered HD Mode webinar.

When: Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 1:30 PM Eastern Time