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Artec 3D to feature among aerospace & defense trailblazers at AeroDef India

| IICC Expo Center (Delhi, India)
AeroDef India

What: AeroDef India 2024 
Where: Booth A11, IICC Expo Center, Delhi, India 
When: April 18-20, 2024

India’s premier aerospace & defense event is back, to once again bring the country’s manufacturing leaders together and showcase their latest technological innovations.

Hosted in Delhi, this year’s AeroDef India will see more than 8,000 visitors pass through the IICC Expo Center’s doors, where they’ll get the chance to touch base with over 150 exhibitors.

Not just full of forging, machining, molding, and finishing machines, this tradeshow floor will also feature booths promoting solutions for material R&D and workflow digitization.

Artec 3D Gold-certified partner Altem Technologies is presenting one such solution: Artec 3D scanning. Capable of rapidly capturing objects large or small, right down to the tiniest detail, Artec handheld 3D scanners are perfect for aviation reverse engineering or inspection.

Already proven in the field, with customers digitizing inventory and iterating upon designs, the sky really is the limit for portable Artec 3D devices. Visit Altem’s booth at the show to discover the technology for yourself and get hands-on advice from its expert team.

Similarly geared towards showcasing the very best India’s defense industry has to offer, the wider event is sure to be a must-visit for manufacturers and contractors across the region.

Interested in attending this exclusive event? You can sign up for AeroDef India 2024 here.