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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

How additive manufacturing is used in everyday clinical practice

| SKZ Technology Center (Würzburg, Germany)

Additive manufacturing has, and will continue to, grow in many industries, and the medical industry is high on this list. When it comes to use in a medical context, precision is more important than ever, while high quality is not a bonus but an expectation. Precision, quality, and other aspects of 3D technologies that make them instrumental in medical practice will be addressed at this event titled “3D Printing: What Physicians Expect.”

While you’re there, have a chat with our Gold-certified partners Antonius Köster GmbH & Co. KG, who will demonstrate how Artec Leo, Eva, and Space Spider work. For medium to larger items – such as body parts and prosthetics – Artec Leo continues to provide an optimal solution. Being wireless and with onboard processing, Leo can easily and quickly scan machines or people and immediately get you to the next step of processing 3D scan data. Our flagship scanner Eva is set to impress with use in the medical industry, and has countless applications for medical practitioners to explore. If you’re working with smaller parts or require unbeatable, high precision for your medical equipment, look no further than Artec Space Spider.

See for yourself how these solutions can be applied to your business or profession on July 5!