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Exceeding professionals’ expectations at Germany’s prime healthcare trade show

| SKZ (Würzburg, Germany)
3D-Druck: Was Mediziner erwarten

What: 3D Printing: What Physicians Expect
Where: SKZ Technology Center, Würzburg, Germany
When: April 19-20, 2023

Held annually at the SKZ Technology Center in the German town of Würzburg, which is strategically located at the crossroads between Frankfurt, Leipzig, Nuremberg, and Stuttgart, this conference & expo will, no doubt, see a high attendance this April. The event’s title 3D Printing: What Physicians Expect speaks for itself. The show floor will be all set to present a wide spectrum of much sought-after additive manufacturing solutions developed to meet the medical industry’s most exacting standards, while the agenda of the conference will cover topics ranging from the latest 3D tech in orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery to the biocompatibility of various materials used for 3D printing.

Two presentations, we believe, deserve your closest attention if you’re keen to learn how 3D scanning has reshaped the medical field, offering a number of advantages over traditional measuring methods that have been around for centuries. Philipp Binkert of Artec’s partner 3D-MODEL AG, which operates in Switzerland and Germany, will take the floor at 11:40 am to talk about prototyping, mass production, and patient-specific applications of some of the newest technologies. Later on, starting at 4 pm, Antonius Köster, the head of an Artec German Gold Certified Partner Antonius Köster GmbH & Co. KG, will walk you through the 3D scanning, modeling, data export, and additive manufacturing workflow that has helped his clients from the O&P sector improve the quality of their services and hit new customer satisfaction benchmarks.

If you have no hands-on experience with Artec 3D scanners yet, it means you have one more good reason to attend the trade show in Würzburg. Feel free to try them out and see for yourself how swift and effortless 3D data capture can be. Widely used in dentistry, prosthetics, orthotics, and surgery, Artec handheld scanning solutions have been instrumental in creating bespoke prostheses and orthotic devices, dental implants, back braces, and more. The event will be a good opportunity to learn how you can leverage the power of Artec Leo and Artec Space Spider to make highly accurate 3D replicas of a human body or any of its parts and support the 3D modeling and printing pipeline at clinics and other health facilities. Artec Leo is an all-round wireless scanner of an AI-driven processor onboard, while Space Spider boasts amazing precision in rendering the finest geometry of small objects. Both have a reputation for speed, safety, and a mild learning curve, all ideal for healthcare applications.

Hurry up and register: take this chance to be where AM solution providers and medical practitioners meet!