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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

Damage, dust, and dirt protection

Leo is shielded from moisture or dust, dirt or grease. With a firmer grip on the silicone material, the scanner’s risk of slipping is reduced.

Medical facilities

Maintain full medical hygiene at all times when scanning patients in hospitals, clinics, operating theaters, or in their homes.

Forensic applications

When visiting numerous scenes, none of the evidence from a previous scene, or outside contamination, will travel with you.

What’s more powerful than the industry-first, AI-powered, handheld Artec Leo? The ability to take it with you anywhere, with no fear of damaging your scanner – or to enter any scene, leaving nothing behind.

The all-new Leo Protective Case fits snugly over your handheld device protecting it from dust and dirt, and general wear and tear. Be sure that any forensic scene you enter remains uncontaminated as you travel from scene to scene, or when working in a highly sanitized environment such as a medical facility or laboratory, a disinfected Leo Case ensures no forms of contamination enter the room with you.

Made with tested and approved silicon material, the Leo Case not only protects your scanner but expands the applications you can use it for.

Leo protective case in use
Leo protective case in use

Dimensions and weight

H×D×W: 231 × 162 × 230 mm

650 grams (plus weight of Leo: 2.6 kg)


Made from medical-grade silicone* certified by leading regulators like the USA’s FDA and Germany’s LFGB, the material has also been deemed hazardous substance-safe by the EU’s RoHS, and undergone ISO testing to give users full peace of mind, meeting standards on skin contact, oral toxicity, cytotoxicity, and blood contamination.

*The silicone is made from Wynca XHG-6920, a material with certificates for ISO 10993-4, ISO 10993-5, ISO 10993-10, ISO 10993-11, USP<88> class VI, LFGB, FDA, RoHS.

What’s in the box

Pack of 1, 3, or 5 Leo Protective Cases

Compatible with

Artec Leo

How it works

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The Leo Case comes in packs of three or five. Choose what suits your application best, and stay protected at all times!

Artec Leo Protective Case

Safeguard your scanner with a 3-pack of the Leo Protective Case.

Artec Leo Protective Case

Safeguard your scanner with a 5-pack of the Leo Protective Case.

Artec Leo Protective Case

Safeguard your scanner with 1 Leo Protective Case.


  • What industries and applications benefit from the Case?

    Besides everyday use where the Case protects against damage, dust, dirt, and general wear and tear, it is also designed for use in forensic scenes and medical applications, keeping your place of work free from contamination or any interference.

  • How many times can the Case be used?

    The Case is made from sturdy, medical-grade silicone, and is able to last for years if cared for properly.

  • Can you wash the Case?

    Depending on how you intend to use the Case, it can either be washed, wiped off, or thoroughly disinfected. The way you clean it depends on your application!

  • Can the Case be disinfected?

    There are many ways in which the case can be disinfected. Some common ways include rubbing alcohol, Autoclave, or Sodium hypochlorite. Other methods and detailed instructions can be found online.