Power drill

A well-used, cordless Ridgid power drill scanned with Artec Space Spider. Captured without any tracking assistance other than via the color texture of the model itself. The many features of the drill have been reconstructed in vivid, high-detail 3D color. The sharp contrasts of the text on the warning label, as well as the wear and tear evident on the grip and trigger, are all visible and accurately brought to life in this remarkable 3D model.

Realistic enough for the closest levels of inspection or even reverse engineering, such a model was created in less than an hour’s time, including data processing. After which it was ready for export to CAD software.

Scanning time: 
10 min
Processing time: 
45 min
Download 3D model:
PLY [21.43 MB]
WRL [33.16 MB]
BLEND [29.94 MB]