Motorcycle frame HD

This section of a motorbike frame was scanned with Leo one late September day in California. Just a few minutes of scanning was enough to capture a significant portion of the frame’s geometry for a vivid example of what HD Mode is all about. Such a level of precise surface reproduction, especially of those deeper, harder-to-reach surfaces, makes this a superb tool for capturing myriad objects in the realm of industry, whether for reverse engineering, industrial design, quality control/inspection, and more.

Prior to HD Mode, this scan would have captured less surface detail than it can today. With HD Mode, from the very first scan, noise levels are insignificant, while sharpness is turned up to the max. In Artec Studio 15, due to the advanced quality of the scans, minimal processing was called for.

Scanning time: 
25 minutes
HD reconstruction time: 
50 minutes
Processing time: 
40 minutes
Download 3D model:
OBJ [29.43 MB]
STL [63.26 MB]
PLY [24.08 MB]
WRL [39.73 MB]