Lone Sailor Memorial

This bronze monument overlooking San Francisco Bay was captured in full daylight with Artec Leo in only 45 minutes, as the sun was rising up above the water. Ideal for cultural heritage preservation, since Leo doesn’t require contact with (or stickers on) the object being scanned, and the scanner’s 100% wireless design made it perfect for moving around this statue without any cables or laptop getting in the way.

Scanned using HD Mode for optimal results. Processing was done in Artec Studio 15, where the scans were brought together to create the 3D model you see here. The statue’s many geometries and textures were impeccably captured in vibrant, true-to-life color. Nothing escaped Leo’s attentive gaze: from head to toe, every wrinkle, fold, and thin line of the sailor’s coat, including its windswept rear flap, as if frozen in bronze in mid-gust. Beautifully preserved as well are the sailor’s facial features and melancholy expression as he gazes off across the water, his US Navy duffel bag alongside him.

In addition to this museum-quality 3D model that’s ready for cultural heritage preservation, it could just as well be used for 3D printing scale models, reverse engineering, or even inspection purposes. For example, if the statue were to be relocated for any reason, to scan it prior to the move, and then right after, to compare the differences using Artec Studio’s surface distance mapping feature, which would easily reveal any cracks or dents or other damage to the statue, down to the submillimeter.

Scanning time: 
45 minutes
Processing time: 
2 hours
Download 3D model:
OBJ [168.04 MB]
STL [69.31 MB]
PLY [177.38 MB]
WRL [195.89 MB]