Industrial compressor HD

Normally such an object would be well out of reach of Eva's scanning abilities, due to its challenging geometries. The compressor's many thin crevices and edges, typical of industrial parts large and small, often bring with them excessive noise and imprecise surfaces when scanned in regular mode. But by using HD Mode, Eva has captured the full spectrum of the compressor's exterior in 1876 frames.

Whether intended for reverse engineering or quality inspection, this impressive 3D printable model of compressor would easily fit the bill. In Artec Studio 15 and beyond, you can combine precise positioning with basic primitives to prepare this model for extensive CAD work. As well, Artec Studio's surface distance mapping gives you the power to compare every single millimeter of this free compressor 3D model with a CAD model or other 3D scan.

One distinct characteristic of HD Mode scans is the depth of capture, which proves crucial when scanning objects such as this compressor. In the past, surfaces and sections at deeper levels were often out of reach, and either had to be rescanned or manually edited, step by step. HD Mode makes such extensive countermeasures a thing of the past. And combined with Eva's wide field of capture and zippy frame rate, objects of all sizes and degrees of complexity can be captured and transformed into 3D models in a matter of minutes.

Scanning time: 
3 minutes
HD reconstruction time: 
4.6 minutes
Processing time: 
8 minutes
Download 3D model:
OBJ [31.14 MB]
STL [63.74 MB]
PLY [26.95 MB]
WRL [43.87 MB]