Heart pendant

If you need to capture the shape of your heart, what better way than with 3D scanning? This beautiful copper heart-shaped pendant was scanned with the fully automatic desktop scanner Artec Micro in just 5 minutes. While this pendant is only about 3×4 cm in size, the heart wants what it wants, and this ornamental piece presented itself with lots of fine and intricate nature-inspired elements.

These fine details are usually challenging to capture in high-resolution 3D, but this proved not to be the case for Artec Micro. Despite the complexity of this heart’s geometry, it took our scanning specialist only two scans to capture the entire pendant in the finest resolution — and that’s including the tiny holes between the leaves, as well as the round hollows on the edging strip. Due to copper’s reflective nature, the pendant had to be coated with AESUB vanishing spray before the scanning. Processing in Artec Studio was quick and easy, and took only 3 minutes from start to finish.

Zoom in and gaze deep into this 3D model of a heart for a closer look at all it is — beautifully adorned with all intricate details and shiny surfaces captured, including all its holes and hollows.

Scanning time: 
5 minutes
Processing time: 
3 minutes
Download 3D model:
OBJ [16.72 MB]
STL [38.16 MB]
PLY [15.86 MB]
WRL [24.68 MB]