Drain Weasel wand connector

Easily captured with the desktop high-resolution 3D scanner Artec Micro, this tiny plastic wand connector section of a Drain Weasel would be a challenge for many other 3D scanners. After mounting the object on Micro's scanning platform, in just one click, the scanner's blue LED projectors flashed to life. The dual-axis rotation system precisely repositioned the object, while the twin color cameras captured every line, edge, and geometry of the Drain Weasel at 1 million points per second.

Ideal for everything from dentistry, forensics, and quality inspection, to rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, and beyond, the Artec Micro brings the power of automated, high-resolution 3D scanning right to your desktop.

As a vivid illustration of what’s possible with Artec Micro, we need look no further than the vast landscape of Reverse Engineering. Legacy equipment such as older HVAC systems and machinery often include dozens of small plastic and metal parts no longer available from the manufacturer. Either the system itself is no longer in production, or the factory has since gone out of business. With the broken part(s) now unavailable, the owner is advised to purchase an entirely new system, with all the time and expenses involved. All for lack of one or a few pocket-sized parts.

But with Artec Micro, such small parts can be scanned in minutes, reverse engineered in CAD, and then 3D printed in a variety of materials. You can then easily keep a stock of spare parts on hand for whenever the need arises. This kind of reverse engineering of legacy parts can extend the life of machinery and systems for many years to come. And with Micro’s metrology-grade results, whatever parts or components you scan for 3D printing or CNC milling will be accurate up to 10 microns.

Scanning time: 
10 minutes
Processing time: 
15 minutes
Download 3D model:
OBJ [16.53 MB]
STL [36.22 MB]
PLY [15.24 MB]
WRL [24.18 MB]