Crocodile Statue

Don’t worry, this croc won’t bite, but it sure looks real, doesn’t it? Part of an outdoor fountain basin, this 3D model of a croc was created with the Artec Leo 3D scanner and the powerful Artec Studio software. Though some places of the statue were hard to get to, Leo still managed to capture the stone reptile from every angle. The scanning process was straightforward and lasted only 15 minutes. Post-processing of the gathered 3D data took just under two hours, and voila, now you have a print-ready 3D model of a crocodile statue!

Scanning time: 
15 minutes
Processing time: 
80 minutes
Download 3D model:
OBJ [32.85 MB]
STL [73.34 MB]
PLY [26.36 MB]
WRL [43.15 MB]