For a significant scanning challenge, it was time to get up close, for a highly-detailed model of this industrial clamp. Complete with all its holes, fine lines, complex geometry, and small details on every side, this model demands a second and third look, so go ahead and examine it for yourself. When it comes to an ultra-high accuracy project such as this, the scanner made for the job is Artec Micro.

A fully automated desktop scanner, Micro boasts a point accuracy of up to 10 microns and does all the heavy lifting for you. With just one click, every angle of your item is scanned, using an optimum number of frames for the task, with no parts missed and the risk of error greatly reduced. Zoom in on this 3D model for a closer look at a truly industrial-quality scan. Micro was designed to give users a superior scanning solution, without having to lift much more than a finger.

Turning the model around to have a look at the bottom, you’ll see that everything from its indents on across to its edges has been fully captured. Peer through the side and you’ll have a view right through: All six surfaces with their three holes are noise free. A look from the front of the clamp provides another interesting angle to explore: The smooth areas in the middle have been faithfully captured, giving you a 3D model as true to the original as possible.

Whether you need to capture small objects for quality inspection, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, or another application that demands the utmost in accuracy, Micro is a desktop-based, go-to scanner that will never let you down.

Download 3D model:
OBJ [8.45 MB]