Hubcap HD

This plastic cap 3D model of a car wheel has been recreated with every little detail and ultra-sharp definition, thanks to Artec Eva and Artec Studio 15’s new HD Mode. This new feature enables the software to reconstruct thin objects such as the wire around the inside edges with significantly less noise, yet with significantly increased resolution. Hollow areas or surfaces inside the rim that were previously quite tricky to capture in one go have been reconstructed in full detail with no artifacts or noise. This model is perfect for such applications as reverse engineering or inspection and can be exported to any CAD/CAM software for further modifications. Download this free cap 3D model of a wheel rim if you would like to see it in closer detail.

Scanning time: 
6 minutes
HD reconstruction time: 
12 minutes
Processing time: 
25 minutes
Download 3D model:
OBJ [12.83 MB]
STL [26.26 MB]
PLY [10.95 MB]
WRL [18.02 MB]