Car body

Sitting behind the wheel of a Mercedes E350, you could (technically) drive at a speed of 150 mph. Thanks to Artec Leo, this sprayed-down body of a Mercedes E350 was scanned in just 20 minutes, and ready as a 3D model only an hour and a half later.

Designed for larger objects, Leo’s job started with the hood of the car, followed by the individually scanned sides. The scan wrapped up with the trunk of the car, and after processing the captured 3D data, the job was done: A full scan of the entire vehicle resulting in a highly accurate 3D model ready to go in less than two hours.

Scanning time: 
20 minutes
Processing time: 
90 minutes
Download 3D model:
OBJ [38.06 MB]
STL [75.31 MB]
PLY [27.22 MB]
WRL [45.52 MB]