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Simply the best! Our spectacular Artec Leo 3D scanner wins the prestigious 2018 NED Innovation Award!

Artec 3D has done it again! We’ve developed the most advanced and versatile 3D scanner on the market today, claiming the top spot among all other innovative and ambitious global projects, according to the annual New Equipment Digest contest! Daniela Carr, Artec’s talented Head of Marketing and PR received the award on Tuesday, May 8, in Raleigh, NC at the Manufacturing & Technology Conference & Expo.

For the last 75 years, New Equipment Digest has been one of the industry’s most reliable source for innovative products for general industry, serving more than 200,000 plant operations, maintenance, engineering, production, purchasing and administrative personnel in more than 100,000 facilities in the United States alone! 

Though the competition was tough, our amazing 3D scanner still came out on top, thanks to a wide range of original and versatile features that make all the difference. Along with striving to develop one of the most advanced 3D scanning solutions on the market, we also wanted to keep it simple and make sure that it was easy to use, whatever the application. Artec Leo is the first and only 3D scanner in the world to have a hi-res, built-in touch screen a wireless data transfer and an onboard automatic processing to make sure you have full control of the scanning process, without having to use a laptop or a tablet! Jam-packed full of amazing features for the most efficient and effortless 3D scanning experience possible, it also has the sleek design that will rock your world!  Precise and effortless data capture without the need to have a power source nearby, intuitive and user-friendly interface and breakthrough scanning speed truly make a winning 3D scanning solution!

However, don’t just take our word for it, come and see the scanner for yourself at one of our upcoming events near you, where our experienced professionals will be glad to offer you an in person demo. We guarantee that you will be impressed!

Artec 3D is known as a manufacturer of market leading professional handheld scanners and Leo is Artec’s second product to win this important award. In 2016, the Space Spider claimed the number one spot, winning the world over with its unparalleled precision, fast 3D data capture and safety. Artec 3D continues to work hard to ensure we create the best possible 3D scanning solutions for you, whatever your application.