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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

From steady scanner production to regular online demos, here’s Artec 3D’s promise to you in these trying times

With all the amazing developments 3D scanning provides, there’s something none of us can today ignore. The global phenomenon of Covid-19 has disrupted lives around the world, with none of us any the wiser on how long more we’ve got to go. Had your travel plans canceled and your events postponed? We know the feeling.

But we’re here to talk to you about what we’re doing to ensure that through the chaos and as far as we can control, you’ll see as little disruption as possible. These troubling times are a little less scary when we all stick together, and here’s how we plan to do that:

First of all within the company, our priority has been to take care of our team. As of this week across our offices in Luxembourg, California, and Shanghai, everyone who can work from home is working from home. For those who hold the fort in our offices and production line, strict safety measures and guidelines, such as teams being split into separate shifts, are being adhered to. This ensures that each of our employees, all of whom contribute to your scanning success, are safe, healthy, and productive.

Next, how we’re getting our scanners to you. Delivery of all our scanners will continue without exception. For learning, support, and demonstrations, everything that can be taken online has been. If you’re looking to learn how our scanners work, closed borders and canceled flights won’t keep us away – we’re glad to announce that you can attend live demonstrations online. And they said technology would ruin human connection!

Our technical support team is more ready than ever to assist with anything that you need. And to arrange your own online demo, you only need to get in touch with us here.

We’re living in trying and difficult times, but we want you to know: Our commitment to you has never been stronger. Even while we buckle in and #WFH, live on Zoom, and answer emails in our sweatpants, know that Artec 3D and our global team of resellers aren't going anywhere.

Artec 3D and our customers, partners, and supporters have faced many challenges over the years – we haven’t met one we’ve been unable to work through yet. With your continued support and trust, we’ll power through for as long as it takes towards brighter days ahead.