Space Spider to be showcased at the 3rd Asia-Pacific International 3D Printing Industry Exhibition

The 3rd  Asia-Pacific International 3D Printing Industry Exhibition is the largest 3D printing trade show with the most extensive coverage in the Asia-Pacific region. It will be held in the city Guangzhou, home for numerous IT and innovative production companies. Our partners Beijing Onrol Technology Co. will present Artec’s most robust, metrological 3D scanner Space Spider, developed to produce great results both in space, at the International Space Station, and down here on Earth.

Whenever you need the most accurate 3D model of an object with small details and complex geometry, such as curves, sharp ribs and cavities that are difficult to capture with other 3D scanning solutions, Space Spider is your preferred choice. This tool can help reverse engineer industrial parts, measure the deformation of steel structures, design customized prostheses – its applications are limitless.

Where: Booth F06, NanFung International Convention & Exhibition Center, Guangzhou, China

When: April 16-18