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Shapify Booth at Asian Attractions Expo


Theme parks, zoos and family entertainment centers can all become even more fun with a Shapify Booth on their grounds, and that’s what we’re going to make a case for at the upcoming Asian Attractions Expo in Hong Kong. Shapify is a great new way to keep a memory of a happy day you spent with your family or friends. Forget about the usual pics – take a 3D shot in just a short 12 seconds inside the Shapify Booth and get a mini-you, your 3D printed figurine, replicating your facial features, hairstyle and clothes with an amazing likeness.

In Hong Kong, we’ll be scanning attendees for free and then will print out figurines to order and ship them to the clients. Our figurine prices start at $169 for an S-size figurine (6"/15cm). An M-size figurine (7.5"/19cm) would cost you $219 and an L (9"/23cm) is worth $299. Delivery is $35. You can also download your 3D model from the Shapify website for $40.

Besides offering you a chance to experience our rapid body scanning technology firsthand, we’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you may have about Shapify as a business and help you start it in just about any location.

While Shapify is definitely the main reason you should visit the expo in Hong Kong, another good reason to be there is a themed conference highlighting new developments and trends in the Asian amusement and entertainment industry. So sign up for the conference and trade show if you haven’t yet and choose an outfit to take a 3D selfie in!

Where: Stand 3402, level 3, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center (1 Expo Drive), Hong Kong

When: June 17-19.