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ROBOTWORLD 2023: a glimpse into the future of industrial automation

| KINTEX (Goyang, South Korea)

Image source: www.eng.robotworld.or.kr

What: ROBOTWORLD 2023 – International Robot Exhibition
Where: Hall 1-3, KINTEX, Goyang, South Korea
When: October 11-14, 2023

Leveraging the potential of South Korea’s manufacturing industries, ROBOTWORLD 2023 is the trade show where the future of robotics unfolds in front of you. This expo is an electrifying amalgamation of the latest in AI, engineering, and automation, attracting more than 30,000 visitors from 15 countries.

Aligning with the event’s pioneering spirit, Artec Ambassador DataDesign is thrilled to introduce its lineup of Artec 3D scanners: Eva, Space Spider, Leo, and Ray II. These solutions represent the very forefront of scanning technology, enabling a seamless translation of the physical world into the digital.

Eva is a versatile workhorse, perfect for capturing medium-sized objects with speed and precision, while Space Spider, designed to capture intricate details and complex geometry, enables the high-resolution digitization of small objects. Leo, renowned for its autonomous operation and high-resolution 3D modeling, ushers in a new age of scanning mobility and versatility. Lastly, Ray II can digitize large-scale objects with astonishing detail.

ROBOTWORLD serves as a launchpad for a multitude of breakthroughs bound to redefine the industry. The 2023 edition of the tradeshow will host 200+ exhibitors, offering an unmissable chance to network with the brightest minds in the field, explore the latest technologies, and discover insights that could transform your business routines.

Don’t let this opportunity slip into the annals of ‘what could have been.’ Register for ROBOTWORLD 2023 today!