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Reverse Engineering with 3D Scanning

What: Reverse Engineering with 3D Scanning
Where: Online
When: Feb. 9, 2023, 5pm (JST) (GMT +9) / 5pm (CET) (GMT +1) 8am (PT)

If your work includes reverse engineering and you are looking to learn more about its innovative methods as well as to take your CAD models to a new level, don’t miss our open webinar on Feb 9! Our Reverse Engineering with 3D Scanning webinar covers everything you need to know to save time, cut costs, and get high-quality results with your workflow. This will be your chance to discover 3D scanning as both a transformative tech for reverse engineering and a rewarding investment for your work.

When modifying, restoring, reproducing, or analyzing existing objects, it’s vital to be fairly quick and unquestionably precise. Thus, speed, accuracy, and a variety of working methods are what comes in handy in every reverse engineering project. With this in mind, this open webinar has been designed by Artec 3D, a top name in 3D innovation, and Oqton – a 3D Systems partner responsible for the entire Geomagic ecosystem.

Our presenters are ones who truly know their business: Artec’s 3D scanning expert Anton Popov boasts over 10 years of experience with various CAD software, while Guido Hohs from Oqton/Geomagic shares his 26 years of experience in reverse engineering and inspection based on point clouds.

To equip you not only with the tips and tricks, but a reliable toolkit, the webinar speakers will talk about Artec Studio, Geomagic Design X Essentials, Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS, and Geomagic Design X, all tried and tested (and trusted!) software in the reverse engineering world.

In order to seamlessly integrate 3D scanning into your work, you will learn about different scenarios and common challenges, and how the technology can be used to your advantage. Don’t miss your chance to give it a go and reverse engineer some 3D models in Artec Studio to put the things you will learn into practice.

The webinar will be available in 7 different languages and aired at two times convenient for specialists all across the globe. Make sure you sign up in advance to save your virtual seat, and expect to get the recording of the webinar in case you would like to review some concepts, or have access to the 3D models featured during the demo.

Register here with your email, we’ll see you there!