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Nothing but new ideas at Open Innovation Fair 2023

| Minato City Industrial Promotion Center (Tokyo, Japan)
Open Innovation Fair 2023

What: Open Innovation Fair 2023
Where: Booth 10, Hall 11F, Minato City Industrial Promotion Center, Tokyo, Japan
When: Oct. 11, 2023

A business incubator fostering technology start-ups, the Minato City Industrial Promotion Center will be hosting the 2nd Open Innovation Fair to connect solution providers with prospective customers and investors. The networking potential of the expo will be amplified by concurrent workshops, management consultations, and even business profile photo shoots.

Team Artec will join the event along with Artec Ambassador in Japan DataDesign by special invitation from the Luxembourg Embassy. Expect to see Space Spider, Leo, and Ray II – three game-changers in the professional 3D scanning domain that exemplify ultra-high accuracy, unparalleled mobility, and lightning-fast capture of large surface areas. 3D data collected by these scanners is processed seamlessly in Artec Studio 18, which offers a host of tools for reverse engineering, inspection, photo-texturing, and other workflows that have become an integral part of modern product design and manufacturing.

Registration is open now, so don’t miss this opportunity to unlock insights that can help your business bring new concepts to life, cut costs, and ensure steadfast quality at every stage of the production process.