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| Jakarta International Expo (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Mining mineral recovery exhibition

What: Mining Indonesia (International Mining & Mineral Recovery Exhibition)
Where: Hall A&D, Booth 975, Jakarta International Expo, Jakarta, Indonesia
When: September 13-19, 2023

The bustling city of Jakarta is all set to host the 21st edition of Mining Indonesia. This event exemplifies innovation in the global mining sector, fueling the engines of growth, recovery, and sustainable development.

Among the exhibitors, make sure to find Artec’s Gold-certified partner Shonan Design. In collaboration with PT. EvolusiKreasi Indonesia, the Shonan team will introduce you to Artec Leo, an AI-powered 3D scanner that brings high-precision 3D tech to the most challenging environments.

One more scanner to be demoed during the exhibition is the tripod-mounted Ray II, distinct for its long-range scanning capabilities. The latest addition to the Artec 3D scanner line-up, Ray II streamlines the surveying and mapping of large mining areas, capturing detailed topographical data with ease and efficiency. These two groundbreaking scanners offer the mining industry an unprecedented level of detail and insight, facilitating more precise extraction and safer operational planning.

Register for the 21st International Mining & Mineral Recovery Exhibition 2023 today and unearth the power of cutting-edge technologies, innovative methods, and transformative ideas that are reshaping the global mining and mineral recovery landscape. The exhibition is a hotbed of disruptive innovation, showcasing solutions that will expedite recovery, enhance sustainability, and bolster the economic strength of the mining industry.