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Practice 3D scanning with Artec solutions during this introductory course

| Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany (Munich, Germany)

MakerSpace, a high-tech platform for innovators at the Technical University of Munich, is the place to go if you want to learn the ropes of 3D scanning. This fall MakerSpace is holding courses in 3D scanning for beginners, where German-speaking students will have a great opportunity to try out Artec 3D scanning solutions.

Artec’s award-winning Eva and Space Spider portable 3D scanners are exceptionally easy to use, and Artec Studio 12 3D scanning and data processing software features a range of automatic algorithms, which minimize user involvement and guarantee precise results. This makes the Artec solution perfect for training purposes.

3D scanning skills open up amazing opportunities in areas ranging from industrial production to healthcare. This technology provides engineers with accurate measurements of machines and parts. It also helps designers place just about any real-world object in a 3D environment and modify it, and the combination of 3D scanning and 3D printing allows doctors to create customized prosthetic and orthotic devices, to name but a few applications.

MakerSpace students are lucky to be exposed to the latest 3D technologies, and using Artec hardware and software is sure to make the introduction to the 3D world real fun. Sign up for the next course, slated for September 28, on the organizer’s website. Hurry – there are only a few places left!