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Looking forward to meeting fellow Luxembourgers at Science Festival


We’re reaching out to all audiences, young and old, at the 10th Science Festival in Luxembourg. The aim of the event is to present and promote the latest technological developments in Luxembourg and to ramp up interest in science and research through a series of live demos and workshops.

A Luxembourg-based company, Artec will be showcasing all of its locally made cutting-edge products: the fast and versatile Eva handheld 3D scanner, the hawk-eyed Spider that sees the sharpest edges and smallest ribs, and the robust Space Spider designed for scanning in space and for capturing the most accurate data down here on Earth. All scanners are easy to use, so anyone can handle them. And with our intuitive Artec Studio 10 software, you can shake, turn or wiggle the scanner about and it still effectively maintains texture and geometry tracking. Its new powerful algorithms automatically detect any tricky scanning areas and realign scans during scanning, substantially reducing the time needed for post-processing 3D data. That’s in addition to a set of enhanced features that make creating a perfect 3D model as easy as it possibly can be.

Kids’ attention will surely be arrested by our 3D scanning booth, Shapify, which rotates around the person inside to capture them from all angles. It produces their digital copy, which can later be turned into a shapie, a mini-me 3D printed figurine. We’ll be scanning attendees for free – families can even get a group 3D portrait – and after the show we’ll print out figurines for those who will have ordered them. Figurine prices start at $169 for an S-size figurine (6"/15cm). M-size (7.5"/19cm) and L-size (9"/23cm) figurines cost $219 and $299 respectively. Delivery is $35. 3D models can also be downloaded from the Shapify website for $40.

3D portraits can also be shared on Facebook – every person scanned in the Shapify Booth will receive a free preview of their shapie by email so they can embed it in a Facebook post.

Where: National Museum of Natural History, Luxembourg

When: November 12-15