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Artec 3D technologies to be showcased at the Free 3D Scanning Open House at Indicate Technologies

| 2065 Martin Ave # 103, Santa Clara, CA 95050 (Santa Clara, CA, United States)

If you happen to be in the Santa Clara area at the end of February, make sure to mark February 21st on your calendar to visit the Free 3D Scanning Open House at the office of Indicate Technologies, one of Artec 3D’s leading partners in California, US. Teamed up with Artec 3D and 3D Systems, Indicate’s experts will be showcasing the full lineup of Artec 3D scanners, and discussing numerous 3D scanning and printing applications in such areas as VR/AR, reverse engineering, 3D scan-based inspection, healthcare, and industrial design.

Founded in 2004, Indicate Technologies Inc. specializes in providing precision measurement and additive manufacturing equipment to global companies across all industries, including electronics, energy, aerospace, automotive, medical devices, and the R&D market. The main services include, yet are not limited to, non-contact and multi-sensor measurement systems, 3D scanning and surface metrology, as well as CAD-based programming and analysis, GD&T, reverse engineering, and additive manufacturing.

Artec 3D scanners to be showcased at the Open House:

Artec Eva – our best-selling handheld 3D scanner that uses structured-light technology to create accurate and clean 3D scans of middle-sized objects at high speed, in very high resolution. Lightweight, fast, and easy-to-use, Eva is a perfect go-to scanner that both entry-level and experienced professionals rely on in such industries as rapid prototyping, quality control, CGI, heritage preservation, automotive, forensics, medicine, prosthetics, aerospace, and many others. Remember that famous 3D scan of Barack Obama? Yes, you’re right, it was made with Artec Eva. Need we say more?

Artec Space Spider – a long-time favorite among CAD specialists, engineers, and product designers, for scanning both small and medium-sized objects with complex geometries, delivering steadfast accuracy, brilliant color, and ultra-high precision. Based on blue-light technology, this high-resolution handheld 3D scanner is able to render complex geometry, sharp edges and thin ribs, and is ideal to scan objects such as molding parts, PCBs, keys, coins or even a human ear, which makes it a must-have solution in areas such as reverse engineering, quality control, product design, and manufacturing.

Artec Leo – the king of 3D scanners, and the 1st fully mobile 3D scanner in the Artec 3D family. It’s equipped with a touchscreen display, built-in battery, powerful processor and Wi-Fi, all of which allow you to do flawless 3D captures in no time. Leo’s built-in touch panel screen lets you preview your scanning results in real-time and change settings on-the-go for optimal results. The scanner excels at capturing both expansive areas and fine detail and can be used for scanning a range of objects, from small mechanical parts to the human body, boats, cars or even entire crime scenes. And, as you may expect, Artec Leo has been used far and wide across many industries, including industrial manufacturing, healthcare, VR, e-commerce, forensics, etc.

Artec Micro – our ultra-high-precision industrial desktop 3D scanner that works exceptionally well at capturing small objects such as compact machine parts, jewelry, dentistry, etc. The scanner’s metrology-grade capabilities and exquisite accuracy make it an indispensable tool for reverse engineering small objects, quality control, inspection, dental procedures, design and more. And, unlike other types of scanners, all the scanning can be done right at your desktop.

Artec Ray – recently welcomed into the Artec 3D family, this fast and singularly accurate long-range laser 3D scanner is a master at what it does. Perfect for capturing large-scale objects such as planes, ship propellers, cars, and buildings, Ray generates scans of ultra-high-quality, with minimal post-processing time. Portable and compact, this versatile 3D scanner is powered by an inbuilt battery, which allows scanning both indoors and outdoors for extended periods without an additional power source. And the best part, there’s a mobile app that lets you control the scanner remotely, without being tied to a computer screen. Ray’s applications go far and wide and include such spheres as reverse engineering, inspection, construction, and many more.

Don’t miss your chance to learn more about Artec 3D scanning solutions and their applications at the Free 3D Scanning Open House.

Where: 2065 Martin Ave # 103, Santa Clara, CA 95050

When: Friday, February 21, 2020 at 10:00AM – 3:00PM

Make sure to register before the deadline!