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Webinar: Combining data from different Artec 3D scanners for maximum results

| Online (Online)

What: How to Combine Data from Different Artec 3D Scanners
Where: Online
When: Thursday, April 22 at 1 pm EST (UTC -5)

GoMeasure3D, an Artec 3D gold-certified ambassador in the US, has a highly informative webinar lined up to help you correctly deploy the combined strengths of our scanners to achieve the best results. This webinar will have a very hands-on approach, and will cover how to combine scan data from all five Artec 3D scanners: Ray, Leo, Eva, Space Spider, and Micro.

Even with the considerable adaptability and quality offered by each of our industry-leading 3D scanners, it’s still possible to improve the detail and precision of your scans, and to further customize your solution, by combining data from more than one scanner. For example, you might need a high level of detail in some parts of a large object, but this resolution might be provided by a scanner with a field of view not suited to scanning an object of that size. Thankfully, with Artec’s suite of tools, merging the raw scan data from several 3D scanners is a seamless process.

During the session, there will be deep dives into challenges professionals frequently encounter, such as combining one scanner’s large field of view with the higher resolution and accuracy of another, scanning deeper into small holes or spaces in large objects, and selectively increasing scan resolution in the areas where it is needed. It will be a highly interactive session with questions welcome throughout the session.

The webinar is a definite must-attend if you want to see how the versatility of our 3D scanners can be taken to a whole new level. There will be lots to see, whether you already have an Artec 3D scanner and are looking to incorporate the benefits of another scanner into your process, or you are seeking a 3D scanning solution that is flexible enough to benefit from the strengths of multiple 3D scanners. The live Q&A throughout the presentation will be a fantastic opportunity for attendees to ask questions and have them answered live as the demo progresses.

Even if you can’t make it to the live event, it would be a good idea to sign up so you can receive the recording after the webinar.

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