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| Eurexpo (Lyon, France)
Global Industrie Lyon 2023

What: Global Industrie 2023
Where: Booth 2A134, Eurexpo Lyon, France
When: March 7-10, 2023

France’s largest production showcase is back to Lyon on March 7-10, 2023. What makes the 5th edition of Global Industrie truly special is the ambition not to only present innovation, but offer explicit answers to the industry challenges. The event’s ultimate goal is to exhibit cutting-edge tech and equipment while also providing solutions for streamlining and optimizing a wide range of industrial workflows.

The Lyon expo is ready to equip manufacturers with technology, skills, and connections they need to tackle the growing international crisis and address the industry concerns. Expect to see the latest developments from 2500+ exhibitors in 15 different zones, with energies and sustainable manufacturing, machining, robotics, electronics, measurement and control, and AM among them.

Global Industrie Lyon 2023

Always excelling at creating a custom-built exhibition experience, Global Industrie attracts thousands of attendees from metallurgy, aviation and aerospace, automotive, industrial mechanics, food production, pharmaceutics, and plenty more industries and sectors. An international gathering of such a scale gives you a unique chance to see all industry players under one roof, from massive industrial groups and renowned local businesses to emerging start-ups and independent tech researchers.

If you’re thinking of networking and getting to know some European stakeholders, this is the place to be: Global Industrie hosts the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Bourgogne Franche-Comté and Seine-et-Marne, CCI France Internationale (Union of French CCIs abroad), and Aveiro Regional Industrial Association (Portugal), just to name a few.

Two more boons to consider are the Global Industrie Conferences and the show’s event program, bursting at the seams with exclusive happenings. Enjoy workshops from the industry leaders, lectures from factory directors and tech managers, and round tables for strategic issues, all with 160 experts present. More unmissable events on the agenda: Avenir, a service for employment and training, and Global Industry Awards, rewarding exhibitors of the event for the most innovative product, service, or know-how. Last but not least would be Golden Tech, the Challenge of Industrial Excellence aiming to evaluate the skill, technical knowledge, and creativity of the candidates in the selected professions.

With this head-spinning amount of opportunities, take a deep breath and head to Booth 2A134 to find the Artec 3D team, whose in-house expertise can only match the Artec scanners’ brilliance in industrial applications. Don’t miss your opportunity to get a live demo and careful guidance from our specialists. From the Artec Metrology Kit, a high-precision photogrammetry solution, to the bestselling portable 3D scanners – our entire range of 3D scanning and measuring solutions will be there for you to explore.

Global Industrie Lyon 2023

Artec 3D has a solution for every kind of industrial project: from capturing the tiniest parts with the desktop hero Artec Micro to digitizing massive crafts with Artec Ray. Use Artec Eva for textured scans of medium-sized objects, and Artec Space Spider to achieve soaring resolution when scanning smaller details. Finally, there’s Artec Leo – the ultimate 3D scanning all-rounder with AI-driven processing onboard, in-built battery, and HD display.

If for some reason you are unable to join us in Lyon, make sure you enjoy the Live digital TV channels and video meetings from the event.

Feel free to register now to create your badge, and see you at the legendary Global Industrie!