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Experience the revolutionary Artec Leo at Expo Industria 2023

| Hotel Hilton Colón (Guayaquil, Ecuador)
Expo Industria 2023

Image source: www.expoindustriaec.com

What: Expo Industria 2023
Where: Stand 91, Hotel Hilton Colón, Guayaquil, Ecuador
When: June 13-14, 2023

Prepare to step into the future with Expo Industria 2023, the epicenter of innovation in the industrial sector. This extraordinary event is a converging point for industry visionaries, transformative technologies, and the burgeoning trends that are scripting the next chapter of the industrial narrative.

Amid the buzz and excitement, you’ll find Artec 3D’s partner, Disegno 3D, stationed at Stand 91. Here, they’ll spotlight the power of Artec Leo, Artec’s unparalleled 3D scanner. Join Disegno 3D’s experts and see for yourself how this wireless, AI-powered scanner can make your work that much smoother, with a scanning process as quick and easy as taking a video on your phone.

Don’t let this chance slip by: mingle with the trailblazers of the industry, feel the pulse of groundbreaking technologies, and collect pearls of wisdom that will propel you to the forefront of the competition.