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Discover automotive 3D scanning at EV Trend Korea 2024

| COEX Convention & Exhibition Center (Seoul, South Korea)
EV Trend Korea 2024

What: EV Trend Korea 2024
Where: Hall A, COEX Convention & Exhibition Center
When: March 6-8, 2024

This March, you can play your part in the green energy transition by taking part in South Korea’s only dedicated EV trade show: EV Trend Korea 2024.

Organized by the Korea Battery Industry Association (KBIA), the unique event will provide a deep-dive into all the technologies that make sustainable transport possible.

Exhibits are set to cover all the essentials including batteries, ECUs, and motors, as well as more complex issues like thermal management and R&D. There will also be ample opportunity to learn about Korea’s Green New Deal and future-proofing your business.

On a show floor packed with EV industry heavyweights like Kia and Hyundai, Gold-certified Artec 3D partner NEXPACE is also exhibiting the industry’s leading 3D scanners.

From the wireless, AI-powered Artec Leo to the lighting-fast long-range Artec Ray II, 3D scanning continues to be used across automotive, in design, inspection, and simulation.

Whether you’re reverse engineering the most intricate of parts or analyzing crash damage, there’s a rapid, highly accurate Artec 3D scanner to meet your exact needs.

Sign up for EV Trend 2024 here to attend the show, visit the NEXPACE booth, and discover the power of automotive 3D scanning for yourself!