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Get 30% off Droidcon SF tickets with Shapify & come to the show for a free 3D portrait

| Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA (San Francisco, CA)

The Android-driven developer community will gather in San Francisco for two days in the middle of March for its largest annual conference Droidcon SF, which will feature talks, expos, and demos from over 50 leading Android experts from across the United States covering every aspect of the Android ecosystem, from mobile devices and automotive technology to TV and gaming. Attendees are invited to participate in speaker sessions, showcase their startups in the conference’s Startup Alley, and experience programming first-hand at the Code Lab, all while enjoying a community atmosphere and the camaraderie of fellow Android enthusiasts.

Droidcon SF will feature Artec's full-body 3D scanning machine Shapify Booth, and Shapify fans can get a 30% discount on the regular ticket price if they enter the "Shapify_friend" promo code on Eventbrite. At the conference, be sure to drop by our scanning point to get scanned for free in a short 12 seconds and check out your most accurate full-color 3D portrait on a computer screen a few minutes later. Want to have your 3D selfie printed out? No problem. Choose the size of your 3D printed figurine and leave us your shipping address. Figurine prices start at $169 for S size (6"/15cm). An M-size figurine (7.5"/19cm) will cost you $219 and an L (9"/23cm) is worth $299. Delivery is $35. You can also download your 3D model from the Shapify website for $40. 3D portraits can be shared on Facebook – every person scanned in the Shapify Booth will receive a free preview of their shapie by email so they can embed it in a Facebook post.

Where: Booth #1 near the entrance, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA

When: March 17-18