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Discover Artec 3D solutions at Central Japan’s premier trade show for manufacturing

| Port Messe Nagoya (Nagoya, Japan)
DMS Nagoya

What: Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo (DMS) at Manufacturing World Nagoya
Where: Booth 27-31, Port Messe Nagoya
When: April 10-12, 2024

A premier exhibition showcasing tech solutions for the manufacturing sector and production management systems, Manufacturing Word Nagoya is back on April 10-12. Drawing visitors from various departments within the manufacturing industry, including design, development, production engineering, and information systems, this expo serves as a hub for exploring cutting-edge technologies.

With approximately 700 exhibitors presenting the latest in IT and DX, mechanical components, factory facilities, and measurement technologies, attendees can gain valuable insights into shortening R&D and production cycles, promoting digital transformation and IT integration, reducing costs, conserving energy, and implementing factory automation.

Design & Manufacturing Solutions Expo (DMS Nagoya) is the most vibrant of the nine thematic parts of the entire event, offering IT solutions such as CAD, CAE, and ERP for the manufacturing sector. At the event, you’ll discover a range of methods to streamline production cycles and optimize costs, alongside strategies for enhancing quality and refining manufacturing workflows.

Engage with our Japanese partners and Artec Ambassadors, Data Design, for insights into success stories, live demonstrations, and practical advice on using our 3D scanners. Data Design experts will discuss the manufacturing applications of Artec Micro II for the tiniest components, Artec Space Spider for intricate geometries, and Artec Ray II for large industrial objects or scenes. Artec Eva will be showcased as a portable solution for rapid scans of medium-sized objects, while special focus will be given to the wireless Artec Leo, our AI-powered device known for its robust performance.

In addition to discovering the latest technologies, take advantage of daily talks and workshops to gain insights into manufacturing innovation and product development.

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