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| Goma Art Center (Gongju, Korea)
Digital Heritage Festa

What: Digital Heritage Festa 2024 
Where: Booths P&Q, Goma Art Center, Gongju, Korea 
When: May 24-26, 2024

Discover the latest advances in historic site preservation at Digital Heritage Festa, an event dedicated to furthering heritage conservation, management, and utilization.

While the event’s overarching goal is to promote a sustainable ecosystem, in which sites can be preserved, researched, and taught about for years to come, it will also host a lively conference.

With 3D scanning and AI now changing the field, sessions will delve into the convergence of past and present, as well as identifying opportunities for such technologies in Gongju.

To demonstrate their openness to modern approaches, the event’s organizers have even set up an AI art competition, challenging participants to immortalize heritage sites as artworks.

Visitors seeking a digital preservation solution for 3D modeling heritage sites, should pay a visit to the booth of Artec 3D gold-certified partner NEXPACE INC. The Korean firm is planning to go all-out at the event, showcasing the full handheld Artec 3D scanning range, as well as the lightning-fast, long-range Artec Ray II LiDAR scanner.

While Ray II can digitize anything from historic walls to entire towns, the all-in-one, wireless Artec Leo scans complex artifacts with unprecedented ease, no matter where they may be.

Elsewhere, those seeking to render small areas of larger objects or tiny ones like ancient coins in high detail, should check out Artec Space Spider. The blue light-powered handheld accurately captures every inch of even the most sophisticated geometries in minutes. Labs operating on a tighter budget can also go for Artec Eva, a lightweight, proven performer in the field.

To discover Artec 3D scanning’s heritage preservation potential for yourself, you can register here to secure your spot at Digital Heritage Festa 2024.