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Artec 3D scanners to go on show at DEVELOP3D LIVE USA

| District Hall, Boston, United States (Boston, United States)

Boston’s home for innovation, District Hall, will be hosting DEVELOP3D LIVE USA, an annual conference and expo organized by DEVELOP3D, a print and digital resource which tracks the essential technologies used in production, from concept development to fabrication.

Our Boston-based partner 3D Scan HQ will be participating in the event to show attendees how quickly and easily Artec 3D scanners Eva and Space Spider can capture the most complicated surfaces. Since its inception a decade ago Artec 3D technology has been enhanced greatly to automate operations where needed and allow even novices to pick up 3D scanning in no time while never compromising on quality. The most recent version of our flagship software Artec Studio 11 makes the whole process a walk in the park thanks to the Autopilot processing mode that creates an accurate 3D model for you.

Where: Stand 5, District Hall, Boston, United States

When: September 26