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What: A series of free online webinars on the use of Artec scanners from DataDesign specialists
When: June 24 and June 25, 2021
Where: Online
Language: Japanese

Looking to explore quick and easy 3D scanning solutions? Try out these two webinars hosted by Artec Ambassador DataDesign. These highly qualified experts in Japan will take you on a journey into the fascinating world of 3D scanning. Here, you will get to know Artec Ray, champion in capturing large objects, and take a closer look at 3D scanning as a super-precise measuring tool.

A must for anyone who would like to guide their business into the future with innovative solutions, each of DataDesign’s educational events will help you feel even more at ease when using Artec 3D’s fast and accurate scanners. If you are looking to streamline your workflow, boost productivity, and cut unnecessary costs, whatever the project, go ahead and learn how to make the most out of your 3D scanning experience.

Check out these two upcoming events:

What: Online webinar “Generating high-definition data with Artec Ray”
When: Thursday, June 24, 3 pm JST (GMT +9)
Where: online

When scanning things really big, any specialist will be hard pressed to find a device more robust than Artec Ray. On June 24, at 3 pm Japanese time, the best experts at DataDesign will help you explore the full capability of this long-range 3D scanner during the webinar “Generating high-definition data with Artec Ray”.

Artec Ray has an unparalleled reputation for accurately scanning huge objects both indoors and outdoors in automotive, aerospace and construction industries. In the webinar, you will be presented with a set of unique features that set Ray apart from traditional long-range scanners and a number of success stories, which won’t fail to spark even more interest in this mighty scanner.

With its mind-blowing submillimeter distance-precision and best-in-class angular accuracy, Artec Ray produces clean scans of enormous objects, which can be quickly previewed in a mobile app that comes with the scanner. Just mount Ray on a tripod, hit the button and let it do the rest, monitoring the process on your tablet or smartphone.

Scanning anything big and bold? Register for DataDesign’s webinar to learn how to do it most efficiently with Artec Ray.

What: Online webinar “Easier and more efficient on-site measurement with Artec 3D”
When: Friday, June 25, 3 pm JST (GMT +9)
Where: Online

For anyone challenged by taking measurements out in the field, online webinar “Easier and more efficient on-site measurement with Artec 3D” scheduled on June 25, 3pm Japan time, will be the real deal in terms of practical tips and tricks. If you’re looking to save precious time, avoid human error and boost work efficiency, explore ways Artec 3D scanners can help you out.

Smart, easy-to-use and comprehensive 3D scanners and associated software are taking quality control, reverse engineering, and manufacturing by the storm, so it’s definitely worth learning about 3D scanning as a metrology tool. Artec scanners make this process as quick and intuitive as shooting a video, which is priceless when it comes to field measurements.

The webinar is also a good opportunity to learn more about “Geomagic Control X”, a measurement-only software suitable for dimensional measurement and shape comparison. A complete quality control software, Geomagic Control X is designed to improve metrology workflows and make reporting and analyzing processes faster and easier.

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