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Artec 3D in the limelight at the Control-Virtual trade fair for quality assurance

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What: Control-Virtual international trade fair for quality assurance
When: May 4-7, 2021
Where: Online, Exhibition hall 8 – Booth 8405

A major manufacturing technology event recognized worldwide, the Control trade fair for quality assurance kicks off on May 4, 2021. Every year, over 900 exhibitors gather in Stuttgart, Germany to showcase their QA equipment and software. This time around, they’re headed online and are set to present cutting-edge solutions and explore new opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Together with suppliers of the world’s best QA products, you will delve deep into the theory and practice of using metrology-grade equipment to solve day-to-day industrial manufacturing tasks. Presentations, product demos, online showrooms, and exhibitor forums will all offer valuable insights into next-generation technologies developed to boost productivity and give businesses a leading edge. You certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on such a great chance to sneak a peek into the future of quality control.

Any manufacturing company and all interested in streamlining their workflows via QI should definitely make room in their busy schedules to discover best-in-class products for quality control. Feel free to check out Artec 3D’s online showroom and get to know the full range of professional 3D scanners widely used in QA across the globe. This year, the highlights of the exhibition hall will include our precision frontrunner Artec Micro, an ultra-high-resolution scanner for small industrial parts, jewelry, and dentistry. With just one click, this fully automated desktop solution creates scans that meet exacting metrological standards – indispensable for the quality inspection process.

Join us at the world’s leading platform for industrial QA, to build sustainable business relationships, share ideas, and learn how to leverage innovation to the advantage of your business!