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Meet tech trailblazers at one of the longest-running tradeshows in Canada

| Toronto Congress Centre (Toronto, ON, Canada)
Canadian manufacturing technology show

What: Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show 2023
Where: Toronto Congress Centre (North)
When: September 25-28, 2023

Launched in 1979, this biannual tradeshow celebrates ground-breaking tech in Canada, a thriving powerhouse where the manufacturing sector accounts for a third of GDP. From automotive to aerospace to pharmaceuticals, quality is a staple here, and it’s only natural that the country’s leading tech expo CMTS 2023 will host as many as three Artec partners this year:

The versatile line-up of Artec 3D scanners, which will be showcased at CMTS 2023, caters to the most exacting standards in modern manufacturing industries. The wireless Artec Leo offers 3D point accuracy of up to 0.1 mm, unparalleled freedom of movement, and instant scan projection on its built-in touchscreen, making it possible to successfully complete some of the trickiest manufacturing tasks.

Delivering the same accuracy as Leo, Artec Eva has long been our best-selling product. An embodiment of a reliable scanner, Eva comes with a basic range of features and, just like Leo, is great for capturing medium-sized objects at speed. If your occupation requires creating digital replicas of small objects with an abundance of intricate details, opt for the handheld Space Spider or the desktop Micro. These scanners’ accuracy specs reach 0.05 mm and 0.01 mm respectively.

Bring any object to CMTS 2023 to scan it with different Artec scanners and pick the one that best meets your business needs. Our partners will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our pioneering 3D tech, which has helped thousands of companies across the world streamline their manufacturing workflows and become more competitive. Register for the show today to find a 3D solution that will give your business a boost.