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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

Strictly professional with Addit3D, an exclusive event for high technology

| Booth 6/B-19, Bilbao Exhibition Center (Bilbao, Spain)

Taking pride in being the region’s “exclusively professional fair,” Addit3D is ready to showcase new technologies, new markets, and new opportunities at Bilbao Exhibition Center from June 13-17.

While you’re checking out Addit3D conferences and other activities that have been planned for you, all with additive manufacturing and high-tech solutions in mind, wander over to booth B-19. There, you’ll meet Artec Gold-certified partners 3DZ, who will be ready and waiting to introduce you to Artec Leo.

The world’s first and only wireless 3D scanner with onboard processing and maximum ease of use, Leo is something you have to hold in your hands to fully appreciate. If you’re looking to scan smaller objects in high resolution, try out Space Spider. With blue-light technology, Space Spider is perfect for capturing small objects, or the intricate details of a larger object, with steadfast accuracy and brilliant color.