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Get to know Artec Leo with 3DZ’s webinar

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Many events around the world have been canceled in the age of Covid-19, but Artec 3D’s Gold Partner 3DZ Group isn’t letting that stop them from bringing a live learning experience right to your screen, at home or at work, wherever you are in the world.

On April 15, join 3DZ for a 3D scanning webinar featuring Artec Leo and Artec Studio 14. A handheld scanner that lets you scan more intuitively than ever, Artec Leo is made for seamless 3D scanning, with its on-screen display and without a computer – this leaves all your attention (and both your hands) free for scanning. A live demo will show you how it’s as easy as filming a short video, while Leo’s real-time display helps ensure you’ve scanned everything you need to capture for your specific application, whether it’s modeling custom cars, or forensic anthropology.

Winning gold in the 2020 Edison Awards in Applied Technology (Subcategory: AI UX (User Experience), Artec Leo, with its touch screen and HD display, saves you time and gives you perfect 3D scans in high resolution. This makes it especially suited for reverse engineering and quality control; you’ll learn lots more about this during the webinar.

There, the basic concepts of reverse engineering will be discussed and explained, and you’ll listen in on how easy and intuitive the process can be with the combination of Artec Leo and the renowned scanning software Artec Studio 14.

Is there a specific area you’re interested in? You’ll be introduced to some real cases of existing 3DZ customers in their respective fields and areas of work. Got a question? You’ll hear from the experts, too!

If you’re at home looking to advance your skills or pick up something new, don’t miss out on this chance to get involved with 3DZ and their excellent Artec Leo introduction.

Where: Online! Sign up for free here.

When: April 15, 11:00-12:00 UTC + 1