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Get whip-smart insight into Artec 3D technology at this online event

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What: Webinar “Acelera el proceso de diseño de tu producto” (“Accelerate your product design process”)
When: 11 am UTC+2, March 3, 2022
Where: Online
Language: Spanish

Brought to you by 3DZ Spain, one of our certified partners, the webinar “Acelera el proceso de diseño de tu producto” (“Accelerate your product design process”) delves into benefits 3D scanning can bring to engineering and quality control. Scheduled for March 3, this handy online event will be most relevant for engineers, industrial designers, QA/QC specialists, and anyone who works in product design.

If you are already familiar with the technology, you will appreciate tips on how to get the most of your hardware, while professionals only starting to explore 3D scanning can make sure it’s a way to propel entire phases of their workflow.

The webinar will offer a live demo of Artec Space Spider and Geomagic software used in design and production process, illustrated with recent use cases from Spain. Famous for its metrological accuracy, Space Spider is a favorite precision tool for engineers and users of CAD systems. Based on blue-light technology, this robust 3D scanner easily captures objects of most complex geometry in spinning high resolution. As you observe live scanning, you will see for yourself how common industrial objects can be digitized in minutes, and then modified or inspected as 3D models in Geomagic software, a go-to solution for performing analysis or getting precise measurements.

Since the event is hosted by 3DZ experts who have great expertise and experience with 3D scanning, you will have every opportunity to ask questions on different stages of the process – from data capture to model inspection. The ultimate message of the webinar is that you no longer need to be heavily equipped or be a tech expert to bring extra speed and precision to your workflow. The combination of Artec technology and Geomagic software will easily do this for you.

Please note that the working language is Spanish: Reserve your virtual seat here.