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How the best special FX makeup pros use 3D scanning and printing to create their magic

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3D Scan to Print Workflow: Artec Space Spider & Formlabs Form 3L

What: Free webinar 3D Scan to Print Workflow: Artec Space Spider & Formlabs Form 3L
Where: Online
When: Nov. 10, 2022, 1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific

If you’ve ever wondered how today’s best special effects makeup pros use 3D scanning & 3D printing in their workflows, then this is one event you won’t want to miss.

Taking center stage for this online event will be Todd Debreceni, special makeup effects artist and author of the bestselling SFX industry bible Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen: Making and Applying Prosthetics, together with Jason Tzintzun of Artec 3D partner Source Graphics.

During this exciting hour-long webinar, Debreceni will share his trusted process of using the Artec Space Spider 3D scanner together with the Formlabs Form 3L printer, along with ZBrush and PreForm, to create some truly unforgettable 3D prints.

Here’s an overview of what you can look forward to:

  1. The ins and outs and best practices of scanning with the Space Spider
  2. What to do with your scans in Artec Studio 17 software
  3. How to export your scans over to ZBrush, and best ZBrush modeling practices
  4. Exporting the resulting 3D models from ZBrush over to PreForm
  5. The final step: bringing your creations to life with the Formlabs Form 3L
  6. A selection of Debreceni’s creative 3D prints made with the Form 3L from Space Spider scans
  7. An insightful Q&A session

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