This ordinary office Troll was scanned with an Artec Leo 3D scanner. In exchange for the promise of some meaty morsels, the troll agreed to pose for the scanning by leaning on a chair that was later removed during post-processing in Artec Studio. The brief 3-minute scan allowed the technician to do his work quickly, which was vital, because even after just one minute, the troll was losing patience and started to growl and hiss. When he discovered that there were no meaty morsels, he exploded in a rage of fury, and the scanning technician made a fast getaway with Leo in hand.

Scanning time: 
3 minutes
Processing time: 
40 minutes
Download 3D model:
OBJ [25.66 MB]
STL [19.09 MB]
PLY [26.88 MB]
WRL [31.58 MB]