Michel Rodange monument

This tall statue in central Luxembourg, which commemorates one of the most famous local writers, was easily captured using a synergy of the wireless handheld 3D scanner Artec Leo and the tripod-mounted laser scanner Artec Ray. With no cables or laptop to slow the scanning down, Leo maneuvered around the lower parts of the sculpture quickly, capturing in high-resolution color 3D all the unique surfaces and features that millions of locals and visitors have gazed upon for many years.

Because the upper section of the statue is elevated, the long-range 3D scanner Artec Ray was the perfect choice. Able to capture submillimeter levels of detail from up to 110 meters away, Ray has been a go-to scanner in spheres as diverse as architectural scanning, crime scene reconstruction, aerospace quality inspection, and beyond.

In less than two hours from when the scanning began, the entire statue was captured from top to bottom. After that, the scans were merged together in Artec Studio software to create a unified 3D model of the sculpture. The resulting 3D model is so detailed that it could be used to reverse engineer the statue, for example, to create miniature scale models for 3D printing, or a VR version for use by a museum or a historical society’s virtual tour.

Scanning time: 
3–4 scans of 10–15 min each (Ray) + 30–40 min (Leo)
Processing time: 
60–90 min
Download 3D model:
OBJ [74.91 MB]
STL [157.43 MB]
PLY [61.05 MB]
WRL [106.54 MB]