Magic Potion bottle

Scanning this magic potion bottle was done in two stages.

This magic potion bottle was filled with a blue magic potion to make it less transparent, and was then scanned with Space Spider in two stages. During the first stage the texture of the bottle was captured. It was done with the sensitivity setting upped in Artec Studio and with the scanner pointed at a 90° angle to the surface.

The second stage of scanning was aimed at capturing the bottle’s geometry. To achieve the best results, the bottle was first treated with anti-glare spray. It was then scanned both upright and from the bottom against a richly textured background for better registration.

After combining the scans made during the two stages a perfect 3D model was created, rendering the most intricate details in great quality and showing that transparent objects are an easy job for Artec scanners.

Scanning time: 
2 min
Processing time: 
8 min
Download 3D model:
STL [4.93 MB]
WRL [9.37 MB]