Capturing this glass gemstone would be a bold move in any 3D scanning process. The killer combo of a highly reflective, transparent surface, and multiple sharp edges presents a considerable challenge. Not, however, for Artec Micro. After a bit of dusting with an airbrush, the gemstone was mounted onto the scanner’s rotating platform, and — voila! — scanning began with just one click. It took only two scans of five minutes each to render the crystalline shape of the object, captured here in precious detail and high resolution.

The process is fully automated and results in ultra-sharp scans — zoom right in to see this translucent gemstone captured down to its tiniest imperfections. You can even see a crack — the result of a piece of glass that broke off and was then glued back into place by the scanning specialist.

In the case of this shiny gemstone, it was also crucial to keep the object’s scan data really clean, which was an easy task for Artec Micro. The scanner automatically chooses the best scanning path and rotates the item to capture every angle, greatly reducing the risk of failure. Perfect for countless applications from reverse engineering and quality inspection to jewelry design, Artec Micro is right there on your desktop, bringing all the brilliance of high-resolution 3D scanning into your workflow.

Scanning time: 
10 minutes
Processing time: 
20 minutes
Download 3D model:
OBJ [21.61 MB]
STL [47.83 MB]
PLY [19.71 MB]
WRL [30.79 MB]