Crankshaft HD

This model of a crankshaft, one of the core basic components of a 4-cylinder internal combustion engine, was scanned with the wireless Artec Leo 3D scanner with HD Mode, and in high-resolution 3D, in just 8 minutes. Thanks to the smart AI algorithms, the scanner was able to capture all the fine and complex geometry parts with an incredible level of sharpness and detail, including the pulley end, bearing journals, and flywheel flange. The HD reconstruction took around 4 minutes to complete, followed by another 10 minutes of flawless processing in Artec Studio.

In just 20 minutes, we had in our possession a fully reconstructed 3D model of this mechanical part. A 3D model of this quality can be used across a variety of applications: for reverse engineering in case of any damage, for redesigning, for quality inspection to access the level of deterioration, or see how a freshly produced part compares to the nominal CAD model.

Want to see this model up close? Download it in one of the available 3D formats and load it to your favorite 3D modeling software.

Scanning time: 
8 minutes
HD reconstruction time: 
4 minutes
Processing time: 
10 minutes
Download 3D model:
OBJ [21.92 MB]
STL [52.51 MB]
PLY [18.55 MB]
WRL [28.97 MB]