Ray 모형

Artec 3D 기술이 사용된 스캔
질감이 없는 비행기 3D 모델

This Klemm L25d VIIR LX-MA airplane is an exhibit at the Aviation Museum in Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxeumbourg. The airplane is hung from the ceiling of the tall museum building and would therefore be an insurmountable challenge for a short-range scanner, but not for Artec Ray, which can scan an object from up to 110m away!

질감이 있는 비행기 3D 모델

The texture of this 3D model of a Klemm L25d VIIR LX-MA airplane was created using the BPR render settings in Sketchfab. We used three main settings: specular, color and glossiness.

관세음보살상 3D 모델

방문객이 많은 관음보살을 기념하는 동상인 관세음보살상은 중국 심천의 고향에서 옮겨질 예정이며, 파괴, 손상 또는 분실된 경우에 대비해 보존해야 했습니다.

스마트 자동차 3D 모델

The complete model of this Smart car was created from approximately 10-13 scans taken from various positions around all sides of the vehicle. We also took two scans from below, with the car raised on a car lifter.

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